100% Recyclable Materials

Our Nardi garden furniture is made from polypropylene.
It's easily separated by colour, making our outdoor furniture completely recyclable!

Great For The Environment - Nardi Garden Furniture
Nardi Recycled Garden Furniture


Nardi's production line is geared towards sustainability...

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Part of the electricity used to power production is sourced from solar.

The Environment
Nardi does not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere.

All plastic production waste is reintroduced into the production cycle.

Cardboard boxes used for packaging contain more than 75% recycled fibres.

Furniture made from recycled plastic, which in turn can be recycled!

With a view to sustainability, Nardi have always re-used scraps & waste in their production cycle by grinding them.

Furniture Made From Recycled Plastic
Nardi Outdoor Chairs Made From Recycled Materials

The Regeneration Line

Nardi have created a line dedicated to regenerated plastic products, made of post-industrial and post-consumer polypropylene.
The products in the Regeneration line, which is constantly being researched and developed, are made in a production plant designed with cutting-edge plant engineering technology. It is equipped with energy-saving hybrid injection presses, with an air-based cooling system without using water and consuming very little electricity.
The colour of these products is Terra, a single, very textured and desaturated shade that is reminiscent, as the name suggests, of the natural colour of the earth.
The uneven colour that changes into various shades of brown is not a defect but a specific feature of recycled plastic: post-consumer plastic compounds may vary slightly in their characteristics, because the plastic is available in different colours and because time and use leave their impact.

Eco Packaging

All packaging &related internal supports are made of FSC-certified recycled cardboard and fully recyclable low-density polyethylene, both designed to minimise their use.

The Process

Recyclable Materials

Nardi polypropylene products are 100% recyclable & when returned, they can be used to create more new outdoor furniture products.

Collecting Used Plastic

Nardi products are made from uncontaminated 100% polypropylene. Such products being sun loungers & plastic chairs.

Shredding & Homogenising

Products are shredded, & reduced to small parts. The polypropylene is given a uniform colour, so it can again be recycled.

Moulding Regenerated Plastic

A regenerated product involves a reduction in the use of raw materials & energy, great for the environment.

The Furniture

We love the furniture so much we use it outside our store in Norwich.

BF Garden - 111 Barker Street, Norwich

BF Garden - Independent Retailer In Norwich

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